What is Multi-Purpose Container House?

Many Container houses are being built for the office to build new living spaces or for the construction site. Due to the long-term and comfortable use of its construction, there has been an increase in interest in container houses in recent years. While many subjects are wondering about container houses, most people do not have an idea about the technical features.

In this article, we have prepared the technical specifications of container houses for you in the finest detail. You can reach all the details about container houses from our article. Ideal Prefab has been in this sector for many years and we are experts in our business. Together with our master team, we are working for you to lead a more comfortable life. Now let’s learn technical information about container structures. We will provide information about standard-type container houses in technical specifications.

  • When we look at the dimensions of the container houses, the so-called standard sizes are 2.40 square meters, 6.00 square meters, and 2.60 square meters.
  • However, the second standard is slightly larger. 3.00 square meters, 7.00 square meters, 2.60 square meters.
  • Although these two sizes are the standard container houses, containers can be produced upon request.
  • At the same time, the combined and multi-story container can be designed according to the customer’s request.

Are Containers Wind Resistant?

When we look at the technical data, it is seen that it is earthquake resistant. At the same time, the outer wall transmission coefficient is 0.40 Kcal / m2hC, the roof transmission coefficient is 0.35 Kcal / m2hC, the base heat transmission coefficient is 0.68 Kcal / m2hC and the chassis load capacity is 200 kg / m2. One of the technical characteristics of container houses is suitable for all kinds of climate conditions. When we look at the snow load has the ability to carry up to 80 kg of snow. These structures are also wind-resistant and wind-resistant to 102 km / h.

When we look at the materials used together with technical specifications, glass wool, steel material, and polystyrene foam are used. It is possible to sort the specifications in this way. However, several additions or inferences can be made in addition to the customer’s request. At this point, a consensus is reached with the customer and the project drawing and implementation are carried out upon request.

The technical data gave here refer to standards, standard sizes, and uses. You can learn more about the technical characteristics of these container houses which are extremely resistant to climate conditions, weather conditions, and earthquakes.

Containers Are Manufactured From Earthquake Resistant Materials

Keep in mind the past year, often due to people’s safety first earthquake in Turkey is the increased requirement. Houses built with fixed or reinforced concrete structures are not only resistant to earthquakes but also are damaged. When this point is pointed out exactly, we see a container. Because the convenience and advantages of container houses are considered, it is likely to be preferred.

Prefabricated container houses are made in an extremely fast practical way. Because of this feature, it is seen that most of the people prefer these houses. Generally, the companies that own this business produce container houses within five or nine days and complete the assembly within seven days. This is the case, however, given the normal circumstances of a standard house. Some factors lead to the prolongation of the construction times of prefabricated houses. These;

  • Periods for obtaining legal and necessary permissions
  • Place of the house
  • Master’s skill
  • Quality of material
  • Equipment to be used
  • House size
  • Number of floors

The items mentioned are decisive during the construction of the house. But if you have your master, your materials, and the necessary legal permissions, an average of 80 square meters will be completed in fifteen days.

Container houses are well insulated in terms of sound insulation. If you think there is a part of your container house that you don’t like and do not want, you should know that the parts are easy to remove and easy to install. Therefore, it is precisely qualified to meet your needs.

Considerations When Buying a Container House

There are important considerations when buying a container house. Container house wall modules, thickness, and quality you get are of utmost importance. Extremely thick walls made of high-quality materials should be considered in terms of heat, sound, and durability. In general, the majority of the complaints of the users of prefab homes are experienced in the roof. Snow water, rainwater, or resistance to wind resistance problems are experienced. For this reason, you need to be involved in the subject with a meticulous study about both the construction method and the material. At this point, you can contact Ideal Prefab to create your own safe living environment. Not only containers but also prefabricated buildings, social buildings, dormitories, cafeterias, we have many alternatives. For more information, please contact us.

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