Prefab Houses

Prefab houses can be manufacturing as building sites, social facilities, hospitals, schools, offices, living containers, and steel construction. It is serving more than 13 years to customers in domestic and abroad.

What are prefab houses?

Prefab Houses are delivered on a turnkey basis by passing through the production stage in the industrial sectors. At this point, it is ensured that all the elements of Prefabricated buildings are produced in harmony. With each other and the integrity is formed without the slightest deviation and hitch. It is aimed to create a trio of comfort. Practicality and comfort in prefabricated houses depending on the developing technologies and the development of interior decoration options. Prefabricated Houses are designed to make maximum use of living spaces. And all details from exterior cladding to color of interior walls, doors to windows, bathtubs, coils, sockets to ceiling lighting can be made optionally upon request.

How much do prefab houses cost?

As you know, prefab houses are produced in the factory and brought in a finished way and mounted on your land quality house model. We manufacture your home’s all-steel materials and are very robust and durable. Prefabricated house cost changes according to their square meters.

Ideal Prefab prefabricated house prices while determining customer satisfaction and quality in the foreground, the best quality, and the most appropriate economic conditions to serve customers.

Our company Ideal Prefab produced single-story and double-story prefabricated houses while manufacturing quality, service, guarantee elements, considering the mass production is done quickly. Our company, our staff has the quality and equipment to keep pace with the mass production in our factory.

In the calculation of the labor costs of our personnel who have the necessary qualifications, the annual calculation is made. Since the materials we use in the production of prefabricated houses are supplied by wholesale purchases, there is no change in the service prices we provide to our customers.

  • You can see the houses we have built in every square meter on our website.
  • You will wake up to a happy day with prefabricated houses that can be produced in any color and design you want.
  • Just imagine, we are working to realize your dreams.
  • We always follow the latest technology and use the latest and most modern engineering machines.
  • We can build prefab houses on most double floors.

How long do prefab houses last?

Prefabricated Buildings Has Approximately Fifty Years Usage Life.

Prefab House is guaranteed for approximately fifty years. Depending on how you look after your home or how you care for it, it may take longer or shorter.

How Prefabricated Houses are Built?

The interest in prefabricated houses is increasing day by day. People prefer prefabricated houses because they have many advantages. Prefabricated houses have a much more affordable price than reinforced concrete houses. They are among the most important reasons for their favorable prices. Prefabricated houses, which have been found for many years, have a very cute appearance in terms of design. For these reasons, prefabricated houses are frequently encountered in many countries.

There are a lot of questions about prefabricated houses. The answers to questions such as how to build a prefabricated house, how many floors of a prefab home how durable manufactured homes are, and how much are the prices, is wondered by almost everyone. As Ideal Prefab, we are ready to give you the answers to all your questions. We strive to give you the answers that will satisfy you by using our superior experience in the sector.

So, how are prefabricated houses built?

  • For the construction of prefabricated houses, a concrete floor is required first.
  • Manufactured houses are built on concrete floors.
  • Prefabricated is defined as assembling the parts necessary to form a structure in the place where they will be prepared in advance.
  • A prefabricated house will be much easier if the concrete floor is ready.
  • At this stage, the parts used for prefabricated houses are different from those used in reinforced concrete houses.
  • After the necessary parts are supplied by the company dealing with the construction, the construction phase begins.
  • Modular houses can be two stories at most.
  • 1 or 2 story house option is available.
  • Their designs are highly aesthetic.
  • Especially prefabricated villas are very advantageous with their design and price.

What are the Advantages of Prefab Houses?

  • The construction of these houses is easy and fast.
  • It is very important that it can be produced according to all kinds of areas and sizes and delivered in a shorter time than other structures.
  • On average, all work is completed in fifteen days, saving both time and labor costs.
  • The most important feature of prefabricated houses is that they are economical.
  • Low cost and easy workmanship of materials from the factory is one of the advantages.
  • Used materials can be removed and installed at any time.
  • Prefabricated houses can be expanded with subsequent additions, but in case of damage, replacement and repair of parts are very easy.
  • In prefabricated houses, rooms, balconies, bathrooms, in short, anything you want can be placed anywhere.

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